Smart meters are spying on you

“Smart meters” are now being installed in many states, with plans to install them in every home in America. These electric meters replace the old ones which simply measured how much electricity you use on your property, so that they can bill you accordingly.

They are being replaced with surveillance devices that are radio stations that are only legal by the law of “implied consent.” If you give consent for them to install such a device on your property, then it is supposed to be “legal,” even if you did not know what you were consenting to. The short video here explains further and tells you what you can do about it: Just say “no!”

As ominous as this is, it is already much worse than this in some states. I had discussed in the early lectures in my Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series how our liberties are being sytematically destroyed and mentioned the smart meters. Here is a response from a friend on our CD Ministry about what is going on in her state of North Dakota.

Hi James,

Just though I’d tell you that North Dakota has had controlled heat for several years. The new homes are equipped with speakers that announce that the heat will be shut off at such and such a time. I think they allow about one hour’s notice. Most people have some type of back-up. Although I have a friend in town that just had electric heat put in, and she was told she wasn’t supposed to have a wood stove, but they didn’t tell her she had to take it out.

The control [by the power company] is usually started when it goes below zero and it’s usually in the evenings. I have heard many people complain of how cold it gets—those who don’t have back-up heat or are too old to be able to handle hauling and splitting wood. Some use oil or propane as back-up. Those of us who don’t have “off-peak” pay a higher rate for our heat and they can’t shut it off. However, my insurance representative told me that soon we aren’t going to be able to buy insurance on our homes if we have wood stoves. /s/ Mary in North Dakota

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